DDA55+ Click Analyser

DDA55+ Click Analyser

DDA55+ is a digital click analyser with four parallel channels having fixed frequencies (150kHz, 500kHz, 1.4MHz, 30MHz). Each channel provided with Peak and Quasi-peak detectors, fully complies with CISPR 16-1-1. The Quasi-peak detectors are designed to enable full compliance tests to be performed automatically according to CISPR 14-1, where requesting to test using an oscilloscope (time-domain operation).

The equipment is fitted with pre-selectors that allow excellent dynamic range and precise click measurements.

Based on a PC integrated architecture with WINDOWS 10 Embedded OS, DDA55+ click analyser is ready to operate through 10.1" LCD display and advanced software for EMC testing to guarantee precise click measurements.

DDA55+ click analyser is not just a GO/NO-GO tester. It is a sophisticated analyser supporting a thorough investigation into when, where and why a click occurs. It contributes greatly to problem-solving requirements in a critical domain of equipment compliance. Complete EUT cycle history, with markers and zoom functions, is available after the end of testing and the level-vs-time graph of both peak and quasi-peak detectors related to each event can be displayed.

For the purpose of functional self-assessment, the analyser has a built-in impulse generator, which can produce the entire set of single and multiple disturbance pulses, in the various timing and shift configurations, as required by CISPR 16-1-1. Powerful and user-friendly control software enables it to perform all standard and custom tests, automatically.

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